About Lauren


"Food is my passion; it's in my blood and always will be. I love my job and take so much pride in the menus that I create and the dishes I cook. I believe in simple yet elegant food that will impress you before you've even taken the first bite."

Head chef and owner of The Provincial Kitchen, Lauren has been in the hospitality industry since she was 14 and could not imagine doing anything else. She is constantly brainstorming new and exotic food ideas and loves to create delectable finger-food that will not only be the talk of your function but will impress both you and your guests. Her aim is to offer quality food at an affordable price. Lauren has worked in a number of restaurants, cafes and hotels all around Melbourne as well as New York and at Grand Portage Lodge and Casino in Minnesota.
She thrives on the rush of a busy kitchen and knows that a good chef requires not only creative flair but also impeccable timing. Lauren Prides herself on her ability to get the meals out quickly without sacrificing the quality and presentation of the food. In 2009 Lauren bought her first restaurant, Wildwood Grill and Tavern in Hurstbridge. The restaurant developed a large customer base of regulars who returned week after week because of the high quality of food and service offered to them. Wildwood's success was further evident when it was a finalist in the Leader Awards two years running for Melbourne's favourite restaurant. Lauren's experience in running a busy restaurant has equipped her with the tools to provide and impressive catering company that stands out from the rest.